The most common problem in a GSM service is definitely the broken device display.

Whether we are talking about the display of iPhone, Samsung, Huawei or Allview, all are just as sensitive, they all break as fast.

There are several categories of screens used to repair phones and tablets in terms of quality:

Original New Screen (1-1)
Original Swap screen (second-hand original screen, recovered from other devices)
Original Refurbish Screen (original reconditioned screen, changed glass or frame, etc.)
AfterMarket HighCopy screen (high quality non-genuine screen)
AfterMarket LowCopy screen (lower quality non-genuine screen)
These are broadly, in terms of quality, the variants you have when you want to change your display for your phone or tablet.

Important: All the screens, whether original or aftermarket, are aesthetically identical, the major difference is related to the "inside", the mode of operation, the image quality they produce, the shock resistance, the manufacturing method and technology, this is the main reason why you can find the same screen at 5 different prices in 5 different service!

Recommend: Be very careful about choosing the service you are working with because you can pay for an original screen but get a poor quality!

IFix does not pose this problem, we are transparent and word-of-mouth, you can assist with replacing the screen, ensuring the quality of the product we are installing. Of course, all mounted screens benefit from warranty so you have nothing to worry about.

The replacement process takes 1 hour when the screen is in stock and varies when it needs to be ordered from an external supplier.


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