One of the most common problems faced by users of battery-powered electronic devices is the failure of the charging port (connector, power jack).

Everyday we meet this situation and in 95% of cases the solution is to replace the connector with a new one.

Usually this problem occurs when using an inappropriate charger or inappropriate charging mode, for example: use a "non-original" charger, remove the cord from the phone by applying too much force, remove the phone from your hand while it is connected to the charger, and so on

These things happen quite often, but it's not time to quit the phone because replacing the charging jack does not have a very high cost (of course, depending on each model).

If you encounter such a problem, the iFix repair center can help with its repair.

Typically, the charging port replacement process takes between 15 minutes and several hours when the required component is available in stock.

Warranty is offered between 90 days and 2 years (depending on the device) and you can assist with the repair process (until you have a coffee, the problem is solved)

If you need additional information or want to contact an iFix technician to repair your phone, please do not hesitate to contact us. Click here for contact details