It is disturbing to charge your phone or tablet 2-3 times a day, you always have to carry the charger after you, and when you need the device, the battery is depleted.

Not a "unique" case your situation, most products sooner or later show such a problem.

Do you know what is the main reason why a battery is broken? Because that's what he wants :) (joking)

The truth is that an accumulator is guaranteed for a certain number of load cycles (one load cycle is a full load up to 100%); after the guaranteed number is "touched", problems arise. (it loads hard, does not load, it gets hot, it swells, it restarts the phone, it finally becomes unusable)

In this situation, there are 2 solutions: either replace the battery or take another phone for a faulty battery to "cure" your nerves.

Of course there are "n" types of batteries, some better others less, some cheaper others more expensive, so when it comes to replacing them, be careful to make the right choice. DO NOT opt for a cheap battery because soon you will get back into service. Do you know "we are too poor to buy cheap stuff"?

You definitely want quality service when it comes to repairing your phone so whenever you need an "as-to-book" service, you can call 0356009210 and schedule your "patient" for "operation"

IFix Tenicists will love you (we usually replace a battery in 15 minutes), do not hesitate to contact us whenever you think you need our help!

An excellent day with charged batteries :)