Your iPhone have broken display or protection glass?

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inlocuire display iphone 6

Does your iPhone look like the one in the above image?

If you want a quality repair, you have to know that you have 2 options to repair it!

If the functionality of the LCD is not affected by the mechanical shock, the display works perfectly even if it has broken glass (the touch goes well, it does not have any traces of pressure or other stains) YOU CAN INSERT ONLY GLASS, with the original LCD. This option involves separating broken glass from LCD and replacing it with another thermally and chemically treated glass with the same properties as the original one!
If the LCD functionality is affected by mechanical shock (non-functional touchscreen, obvious pixel lines, traces of pressure) then the solution is REPLACING THE LCD MODULE.
In this situation it is good to know that there are many variants of LCDs on the Romanian market, children of different qualities, some better others less good, there are some very bad versions of LCD which, once mounted on the phone, lead when the device is short-circuited.

Is there a NEW original iPhone display?

Apple does not make Displays for Public Trade, only finished products, so NO NEW ORIGINAL NEW!

But there are 2 categories of ORGINAL Lcd that you can find:

LCD Original SWAP - This is basically a second-hand display, but like NEW, recovered from another APPLE device
LCD Original Refurbish - this is a RECONDITIONED display and comes from the professional reconditioning of Apple LCD by replacing the frame, glass or polarizer.
Let's talk a little about the COPY LCD!

As I said, there are many display qualities, which is why you will find prices for the same product in a service with 100 lei and the other with 300 lei! Both look the same in the outside, but in reality the quality differs greatly!

Over time, we tested over 20 variants until we reached a COPY display solution that features the same 99.9% identical features to the original one! Let's be serious, it's hard to copy Apple 100%.

Now you know how things are, so answer the question:

Do you want the repair of your phone to be of high quality or do you want a repair that is cheap but does not provide any warranty?

If you want a quality repair then you can count on us, if you want something else, unfortunately we are not the solution!


In the hope that this information has helped you to see things clearly about the repair of the iPhone, we invite you to our service in Victoriei Square, no. 7 in Timisoara, benefit from professional services in a record time (60 minutes to replace the LCD).


Sorin Rosca,

Founder of iFix Timisoara