We are looking for a colleague in the sales department!

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"A successful team means a successful business"
We start from the idea that every element of our team is important and we want colleagues to be on the same wavelength with us :)
For us a "fit" colleague must have some qualities:
-Very organized
-Attention to detail
-Responsible and entrepreneurial
- Teamwork capability
- Very well-defined communication abilities
-Good conviction (good seller)
- PC operating knowledge (word, excel, powerpoint, etc.)

If these features characterize you, I invite you to the iFix team!

"The job you choose is more than just a job when you do what you like"

Description of the job
The job generally involves customer relationship activities, both online and offline, in order to sell the company's services!

Daily sales agent activities:

Shows to customers the services on offer
Explain to customers the service procedure
Check the product before taking over (technical, aesthetic, etc.)
Concludes transactions with individuals or legal entities
Issues a fiscal receipt, a tax invoice
Issuing prepayment orders
Issues "In-Service Verbatim Report"
Issues a "Warranty Certificate" for products that are out of service
Issues the "Finding Notice" for products out of service
Issues "Order Order Bonus" for prepayment
Takes the phone calls from the "Service"
Ensure consistency between service management (GSG) and product status in this department
Inform customers of the repair status of their product immediately after the repair process has been completed
On leaving the service, it checks the INTEGRITY and its functionality
Inquire by telephone / mail / sms clients whose products exceed the term "storage"
Set up phone / mail / sms clients whose products are AMANATED as a repair term
Fill in the "Daily Registry"
Plays parts orders to iFix vendors
Keep the office clean and organized
Lists the services sold in the management application
Lists the payments made in the management application
Receive and CHECK orders

1. Motivating salary
2. Performance bonuses
3. Specialty training for FREE
4. Excellence Bonuses
5. Easy work program for "digest" :) 10:00 - 19:00 (one hour lunch break)

Company description
iFix is ​​one of the most recognized GSM services in Timisoara and this is especially due to our fantastic team that we want you to be part of and you!
APPLY NOW, A SINGLE PLACE is available in our team!

C.V at ifix.office@gmail.com