Student from Timisoara opens in Opéra Square a repair center for unique phones in Romania

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In Timisoara there are approximately 50 service stations where you can repair your mobile phone but the idea of ​​this young person is totally different.

"My name is Sorin Rosca I am 27 years old and I have just finished the faculty of economics within UVT.

I have been working in the GSM field since the Nokia 1100 phones were in trend, I was initially hired in a repair shop and now I want to open a service center for phones different from what the timisoreans have seen so far. "

What motivates you in what you do?

I am frankly disappointed with the way some services in Timisoara treat their clients, the quality they offer and, in some cases, the people who run these companies.

I want to offer an alternative to Timisoara who seek quality and I do not get it.

My motivation is not related to money, the money itself is the secondary effect of a business does not have to be an objective.

It motivates me for the gratitude of the people and the certainty that this store is going to be a quality standard for both clients and competitors; who wants quality will have an alternative and competition will have an example to follow.

What is iFix different from others?

First, the major difference is related to QUALITY and TRANSPARENCY

When I say transparency I mean that all of our customers will attend the whole repair process if they want to. We will have a camera that will live the whole operation, regardless of the nature of the repair.

Second is PRET. Although the store is centrally located (Opera Square, high rent, fairly high fixed costs) PRICES will be small compared to the "quality" index.

Another important component that differentiates us is the IT management system. This system allows us to organize our working time so that the repair has a minimum execution time, to be shorter, NE MISCAM REPEDE.

Responsibility. We also thought of a CSR campaign to collect phones and laptops from our customers, repair them, and then offer them to those who really need a helping hand (helpless children from plasmanet centers or families that can not afford a computer)

And there would be many but you will discover them as soon as we open

What can customers find in your store?

The range of services and products is varied; for example, we will make repairs / decodings for both the latest iPhone model and Nokia's first model, we will offer electronic recharge services for all major operators in Romania (of course at the lowest price in all of Timisoara) and also accessories covers, chargers, protective films, etc

We will offer our customers the excitement to review their first phone. We will display an impressive collection of old and new mobile phones that will surely awaken good memories.

Clients will also find a well-trained team that assumes the principle "We're here to help you not take your money." Like a parenthesis, I have great confidence in my team, without them I would not have been able to set up this business.

When will the big opening be?

I want to start work by the end of this month (September); there are many things to do and the bureaucratic test is not easy to pass (so many papers are hurting your head).

What message do you have for your customers and for the competition?

I have a common message that does not matter that they are clients or competitors, Romania will grow only through quality people who demand and offer quality services. Be the person who creates value for you and those around you