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It's not too good when you're having problems with the iPhone, is not it?


Especially without a phone today, we are basically disconnected from everything that's happening around us!


Do you know when it comes to throwing your iPhone wall because it makes you feel like it does not work in normal parameters?

You are not the only one, we all go through it sooner or later! :)


When it comes to Apple products, the Romanian market offers a wide range of options to repair your iDevice, parts and components that are more "original" more "super-original" and plenty of better service or less good!


What's funny is that Apple does not sell components in the market, they only sell finished products (iphone, ipad, etc.)! So how many original components on all roads?


It is essential to know that there are NO NEW APPLE ORIGINAL COMPONENTS ... but there are ORIGINAL SWAP components (second-hand recovered from other apple products) or ORIGINAL REFURBISH components (Original Parts or Modules Refurbished).

Everything that means NEW is actually a copy more or less qualitative!


I've been deviated a little from the topic but it's very important to remember .... You are on this page because your iPhone is causing you problems .. it does not load, maybe it does not sound very good, it does not keep your battery, "etc!


Whatever the problem you are facing, the phone first needs a FREE STUDY from a specialist technician!


After thorough scrutiny, it will tell you what solutions are recommended to solve the problem and what costs this process involves (the finding is usually done on the spot)!


Now is the moment when you decide how to fix your phone!

Do you want a long-lasting repair with quality components by specialized technicians or do you want a 3-day repair done in the "dozen" service?


Here are some benefits if you fix your product in our service:


Free Finder

Exchange phone for repairs

Warranty from 90 days to 1 year depending on the remedied defect

Most repairs are carried out on PE LOC

You can assist with LiveOnFacebook or physical repair in service!

For any repairs that exceed 200 lei you will receive a 40 RON GLASS FOIL


If you fit into the category of people who appreciate the quality and transparency, then we invite you to visit us in Timisoara Piata Victoriei nr. 7 (vis-a-vis the Cathedral) for a FREE FINDING, a quick and lasting repair of your iPhone!



Sincerely, the iFix Team Timisoara