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Simple or cheap are not, but there are some solutions to decode iPhone 7 if you want to use your new smartphone on another network.

The iPhone 7 decoding concept should have been very similar to the same process for iPhone in recent years, and for the most part it is. Unfortunately, almost every time, this process involves a smaller or larger investment, depending on the operator on which the device was purchased. Four to five years ago, when iPhone 4 was in fashion, decoding was significantly simpler. It was enough to jailbreak your phone, install a small program - Ultrasn0w, and in a few minutes you could use an iPhone from Vodafone on Orange or from the United States to Romania. All those tricks are no longer working now. Apple has done a great job when it comes to blocking terminals, like many other manufacturers.

Decoding iPhone 7: What You Need To Know
Ideally it would be to get your hands on an unlocked iPhone, which can be used from start to finish on any network. Alternatively, you can go to the hands of our operators if you do not plan to give up the subscription in the next two years. In any other situation, you should consider a smaller or larger investment for iPhone 7 decoding.

To understand price differences, you have to consider one thing. When Apple blocks a set of terminals for Vodafone or any other operator, only that operator can unlock them after paying an arbitrary fee. Decoding is done through the telephony server servers that work with Apple's servers. For this reason, for example, decoding involves only paying a toll, without the phone going to a third party. You hold your phone in your pocket, and when it is confirmed that decoding has taken place, your phone needs to be connected to the internet, preferably via a PC that runs iTunes. For some time, decoding is done without a computer, but you must have a new SIM in your encrypted phone and connect it to a wireless network.

In other words, in practice, to decode the iPhone, you need to call the operator who sold your device, whether it be Vodafone, Orange, Telekom or Digi. By the way, although there are operators operating in several countries with the same names as Vodafone or Telekom, an iPhone from Vodafone Germany does not work on Vodafone Romania. As a diverse fact, in the hope that you have a decrypted smartphone, you can always insert a SIM card from another operator into the iPhone. If unlocked, it will work. If not, you will have an invalid SIM notification on screen.

IPhone 7 Decoding: Prices from Domestic Operators
A few years ago, CEO of Telekom Romania proudly stated that the offers of the operator he runs are so good that he does not need to block the phones in his network. That principle still seems to be the case with the iPhone 7. RCS - RDS, although it does not have a very diversified range of products, and the prices are largely those of iStyle - Apple's official distributor in Romania, the advantage is the same as in the Telekom case. So, you can buy an iPhone 7 from a local operator without decoding, provided you're talking to Telekom or RCS-RDS.


In the case of Orange and Vodafone, for decoding iPhone 7 you have to pay a fairly large fee, which, as detailed above, varies. In addition, to facilitate the process, it would be ideal to have proof of purchase, invoice or tax receipt. If you do not have this, it may be that your device is decoded anyway, but it would be preferable to go to the store that originally sold your gadget. There should be a copy of the invoice that was handed over to you. If you checked this aspect of the equation, you only have to pay the fee and wait for a phone or email from the operator confirming that the decoding has been successful.

On the iPhone 7 decoding prices, they fall into two categories: before and after the expiration of the contract period. At Orange, the cost of decoding is 100 euros with VAT included in the course of the day. After the expiration of the contract period, the price falls to 50 lei. Costs to Vodafone are lower, 52 euros with VAT included during the contract period and 10 euro after the expiration of the 12 or 24 months of subscription. If you have purchased a non-subsidized iPhone from Orange or Vodafone, that is without a subscription, decoding will be free of charge.

Decoding iPhone 7: Prices for foreign operators
As I mentioned in the introduction, it would be ideal not to bring an iPhone 7 blocked on a foreign network because the costs of decoding are significant. But if this has happened, there are a few steps you can follow.

If your phone has been accidentally encrypted and it was purchased unsubsidently, the first suggestion would be to call a person in that country to travel to a representative of the operator on which the machine is coded and to explain the situation in which you are. You can also call yourself O2 England, Bouygues France, AT & T USA or any other operator in the world to ask for the decoding of your smartphone. They will be as operative as possible.

If you put your hand on an iPhone encoded on an outside network and you do not even know what it is, there is an online service that gives you the answer. At imei.info, you can enter the phone IMEI and, for the amount of three euros, find out what's blocked. To find out the IMEI's fastest way is to enter the dial and dial * # 06 #. The IMEI can also be found on the SIM tray, on the original phone box, or by tapping the letter i that appears in the Emergency Call screen when you can not enter the phone menu. You can also find out that your phone is locked on iCloud, a context in which you can categorize it in the category of frills, because you can not decode it. Eventually, you can sell it on the tracks. Also, if the phone was stolen and declared as such to the operator that initially sold it, it is listed as an online checker in the Blacklist. In this particular situation, decoding is a lottery. It may cost more, it may take longer or may be impossible.

To decode the iPhone 7, if it is locked on a network in a foreign country, the iFix service offers this type of service but for some operators!

IPhone 7 Decoding: Latest Details
Once you have received a phone, message, or email telling you that the decoding has ended, insert a new card into your phone, connect it to the Internet, or a PC / Mac on which iTunes is running and within minutes you should come across a message telling you that "your iPhone has been decoded successfully."

As good practice tips, you'd better differentiate between a iPhone encrypted on a foreign network and an iPhone locked in iCloud. The latter buy them in vain because they can not be unlocked. Best, even second-hand, would be to purchase phones to enter the menu, where you can make a call or take a picture. Do not buy any iDevice that their Settings / Configurations in the iCloud section has an Apple ID complete. There he must write nothing. Even if you can use an iCloud phone, you should keep in mind that in the future, at any time, the former owner can block you from a distance, and you have nothing to do afterwards. Eventually, just pay some extra money on principle, other money, another fun.

We hope this information will help you and save you from "headaches".

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