iFix - Are you passionate about electronics?

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Are you passionate about electronics?

We are looking for a colleague or a colleague who wants to perform in this field, to come to work with love, taking their passion!
Generally, this type of person has some professional "defects" that we consider to be exceptional :)

1. It is very attentive to detail; do not get rid of anything without being analyzed and understood, (verified 2-3 times even)

2. It is very well organized; each bolt in its place, each piece ordered according to color, size ..... etc

3. It is extremely determined when it comes to achieving the goals. Ex: I do not quit until I recover this PCB route, it does not matter that it takes me 3 hours but I do it!

4. Love to be recognized merits; Of course we do not offer diplomas for every replacement power connector but we appreciate the effort and dedication at work. Performance and positive attitude are rewarded with various end-of-month bonuses, salary increases, free days, excellence diplomas, development courses, etc.

Do you have these "defects"?
If your answer is "YES" we are already a step closer to being colleagues!

Why be part of the iFix team?

We'll boast a little, we do not sit in character, but it's good to know what you're getting :)

1. We want to be the best in what we do and this can only be a great thing for you!
Think a little, do you want to be part of the category of those who have no directive or do you want to be part of something great from a waaau plan? Our plan (short term) is to be the best performing team with the best results in the GSM field in ROMANIA!

2. We are a UNITA Team! The company promotes the engagement-employer relationship, so the stories like: "the boss comes ... fast to ... ...." there is not. Things passionately done do not have to push them from behind, you make them cute, wanting to accomplish a goal, ... a dream.

3. We are dedicated 110% not 100% Do you know how to deal with "dedication"? We want to go from point A to point B with fantastic people who share the determination to give 110% to everything they do for what they want! If you work on the company's dream, the company will work on your dream!

4. The beautiful results obtained are measured in attractive salaries. Wages grow with the company's performance level, and as TEAM is the "performance engine" we need the fuel to measure! (Salary increases as much as you grow up :)

5. Reads again point 3. :)

What does this Job really mean?
iFix is ​​active in GSM services; What we do more specifically will briefly describe in the following lines.

What does this Job really mean?
iFix is ​​active in GSM services; What we do more specifically will briefly describe in the following lines.

1. We offer hardware and software repair services for mobile phones, tablets and laptops
2. Replace complete modules, PCB components, batteries, etc.
3. We offer technical support to clients, online and offline, to solve problems
4. We make orders to suppliers of components necessary for repairing
5. We organize and manage in-and out-of-service entries and exits according to certain criteria
6. We follow our passion in an excellent working environment!

I hope I convinced you to ... follow your dream!
If your biggest passion is to ... cook, be chef, do what you like most, not what others think you should do!

We are excited to welcome your resume at email ifix.office@gmail.com

Yours sincerely ... iFix Team Timisoara