Does your phone go hard or get stuck?

2827 Created By Rosca Sorin

If your phone runs hard, if it gives you errors, it crashes and freezes in your apps, and if it downloads faster, it's time to take action. There are a few settings that you'd better put into practice and which will make the phone much faster, and the autonomy will increase considerably!
1. Use a "cleaning"
Every time you access the Internet, download information packets (timed, cookies, etc.). If you do not clean your phone periodically, it may be blocking at some point. Use the program provided by your phone manufacturer or you can use a dedicated application. One of the best applications to help keep your phone at the optimum level is CLEAN MASTER.
Our advice is to limit yourself to using the usual Clean Master features and avoid installing all the applications the program suggests. It uses the data cleanup, uninstall, and virus cleanup feature.

2.Install only apps from official sources
Avoid installing apps from all kinds of websites on the internet, from torrents and other alternative sources. They are full of viruses, spyware, and installing all kinds of other applications that you'll get rid of with great weight. So if you have an Android phone, download apps from Play only, and if you have an iPhone, just from the App Store.

3.Do not install applications you do not use
Go into the app manager and uninstall those you do not use but very rarely. It takes up space in memory and many of them run in the background, not seeing them on the screen, consuming the phone's resources.

4. Use a Task Killer application
I told you earlier that there are many applications that work in the background and that consume your processor and phone memory. If you do not want to uninstall them, use the function on the phone that closes them. You find it in various forms, called "Smart Manager", "Active Applications", "Task Killer," etc. You can also use an application like the Advanced Task Killer in the Play Store. You can schedule to automatically shut down running applications without seeing them.

5. Try to avoid the widgets
Even if it looks good, many of them, such as weather, news, Facebook updates, etc., consume important resources and the performance of your phone will suffer. If you do not have a latest smartphone, you should keep your screen clean without too many applications that need upgrades all the time.

6.If your phone goes hard, drop the Live wallpaper
We know it looks good dynamic images, visual effects are absolutely fascinating, but the price you have to pay for these wallpapers is too big. The processor, memory and video card are over-charged, and the battery consumes faster. Merit? Our advice is to look for a simple background image in a dark color.

7. Disable automatic email and social network updates
If you put an email address on your phone, you might want to disable automatic sync. The same is true for Facebook and other programs like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, etc. It's much more efficient to update yourself only when you need them. Otherwise you will consume important resources, especially if you use the mobile internet.

8. If your phone runs hard, update your applications and operating system
To have a good phone that moves smoothly and without interruption, it's essential to update your operating system, whether it's iOS, Android or Windows Mobile. Enter the "software update" or "software update" from the settings and look for the latest version. It does the same with the installed applications. Our advice is to do this only on a wi-fi network, so most of them are very big and you will stay fast without the mobile data package on your subscription or on the card.

9.Install an antivirus for mobile
At what large volumes of information I pass through your phone, you can not even get a virus to steal your private data. That's besides the programs that bring you unwanted advertising on the phone. For both situations, you have all sorts of anti-virus programs. We recommend the free version from BitDefender. It quickly installs and provides you with the necessary protection.

10.Project software experiments with your phone
The Internet is full of all kinds of Android and iOS versions. Before changing the operating system on your phone, you must know that not all software is of high quality, many of them contain viruses and spyware, let's say the country's compatibility, communications operator, etc. Think well before deleting the original Android. Is it really worth the theoretical plus of the risk of destroying the phone and becoming a victim of hackers? Probably in the tests you will get a better score, but we guarantee that there is no modified software that will not generate errors.