Did you break the LCD at Samsung Edge? Did you know that ...

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Did you break your phone LCD glass protection?

When it comes to Samsung's Edge models we need to be very careful about how we protect these devices because they are VERY SENSITIVE and their repair is not quite simple!

If, due to a mechanical shock, the display of your phone has suffered, you must keep in mind that to solve this problem you have two options:

Replace the full LCD. This option is required if your display shows technical defects. (pixel lines, spots, shadows, non-functional touchscreen, not display, etc.). It is good to remember that iFix only mounts 100% original products, although there are also "aftermarket" variants in the market.

Glass Replacement Through OCA Rolling Process! This is possible if the functionality of the LCD is not affected by the mechanical shock! (it works in normal parameters, has no display problems, touchscreen or any other defects). Samsung S7 edge, S7 edge plus, S8 and S8 plus phones can be reconditioned!

The rolling process includes several operations:

Separating broken glass from the LCD at a temperature of -160 ° C

Removal of the waste of the display

Apply the OCA foil

Proper lamination * Controlled glass pressure on the LCD

Eliminate air bubbles between glass and display through the * debubble process

We have listed these processes because it is important to keep in mind that each process requires special attention and a special technique, so the duration of glass replacement can take between 6 hours and 48 hours!

Whatever the situation your phone has, you should consider the following:

A product once it has been loosened / broken will lose its original warranty

By disassembly, the products are no longer "waterproof". However, between us, "waterproof" is largely a marketing strategy for the manufacturer!

Warranty is offered regardless of whether the glass or LCD is changing

You do not take any risk! Let's say this because there are services that do not take the risk if the LCD irrevocably fails in the rolling process (hence the repair costs are small.) As a bracket, the low price is also determined by the quality of the used products: poor quality glass, non-original OCA, outdated technique and equipment, etc ...... and I do not think you want a repair that lasts for 2 weeks)

Now you know how things are!

It's time to make a decision!

If you want a quality repair, then we speak the same language and you can rely on our services!

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Sincerely, the iFix Team Timisoara!